Herring Shoes – A Follow-Up Review

It’s been almost a year since I received my first pair of shoes from Herring, and I can honestly say that they have stood the test of time. Quickly becoming my go-to shoe (they pair so well with every outfit), it’s safe to say that they have received plenty of wear; I’ve even found myself reaching for them on consecutive days, when I really should be letting them rest, because they are just so damn comfortable.

They fit me better now than they did at first (which was still a good fit), because the soft calf leather has molded to my foot over time; and the constant polishing has given a them a new depth of colour. In fact, the only problem that I’ve had with them is that I have had to replace the laces a couple of times.


I hold these shoes as a shining example of what good shoes should be, and everything I’ve tried on since has paled in comparison; they put the rest of my collection to shame, so much so that despite a decent collection, I usually end up rotating between only two pair: these, and a pair of Charles Tyrwhitt Black Monk-straps. I still enthusiastically recommend Herring Shoes to anyone who has the misfortune of talking about shoes in my presence; If I had a little more money, or a little less self-restraint, I would no doubt have already bought several more of my own. To reiterate the summary of my first review: buy as many of these shoes, in as many styles and colours as you can afford. You won’t regret it.