Speedback GT

This is not a review, just my thoughts on a very good-looking car.

I like cars, and for me, the Speedback GT is one of the single most beautiful cars that I have ever seen.



A 5.0-litre V8 (500BHP), the sixties inspired Speedback is something that I could see James Bond driving; but I doubt he would have the chance. At half a million pound (~$900,000AUD), and with only 100 being made, it’s not something that the average person will probably get to see in person, let alone drive or own; which is a shame, because it’s absolutely stunning.






This isn’t a racing car. It has a top speed of 250k/h, and does 0-100km in a respectable 4.8 seconds, but it’s not for the track. This is the car you take on your leisurely afternoon drive along the British countryside, probably on your way to and from your summer estate.

Even if I could afford it however, and assuming one was available for me, I wouldn’t buy it. It’s beautiful, but for that price, I could buy an Aston Martin DB9 (or two), or a house; I’m just too practical to spend a not so small fortune on something just because it’s beautiful. Still, I wish I could drive it once, or twice.



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