MJ Bale and the PayWave Suit

A while back I was taking up the sleeves on a new jacket, and thought to myself “maybe I could put one of my pay pass tags in the sleeve of this jacket; wouldn’t that be cool?”. I decided that I couldn’t be bothered, but it still thought it was a neat idea; to be able to pay for something with just a swipe of your cuff, you would never be without money in an emergency again (assuming you don’t lose your jacket). A curious google search that night revealed that I wasn’t the first to have the idea, but only one company had actually put it into practice: MJ Bale. I don’t usually have much to say about the Australian menswear industry, but it makes me glad to see an Aussie company at the forefront of such innovative technology.

Certainly, being able to pay for things with your suit jacket is a bit of a novelty, with new mobile phones already having the ability anyway, and it is just one more thing that can be stolen (though that can be helped by simply not taking off your jacket), but the idea of combining technology and style (my two greatest passions) in a functional and useful way is certainly something that I approve of. Also, it would look pretty cool, paying for something with wave of your arm.


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