From The Ground Up: An Outfit from Target Australia

I do a lot of shopping at Target; they are a usually a pretty good place to shop when you are on a budget, and the quality of their items is usually pretty decent for the price. So, I thought I would put together a potential smart casual outfit, sourced wholly at Target. Note: I ended up with a total of 7 items, which make 8 different outfits in total, for just  over $300 under $250; that seems pretty decent to me.

The Shoes:

Fleet Black Dress Shoe

Target Fleet

As far as quality goes, nothing from Target is likely to win an award, so you are mostly going to be shopping for fit and style. That said, these black ‘dress’ shoes are the sort of thing that you can wear until they fall apart (and they very well might).

Price: $30

The Trousers:

There are two picks here; both of which I own, and can recommend from personal experience.

Adamsville Jeans


I’m pretty sure that I have recommended them before at some point, but that’s just because they are pretty awesome. As jeans, the fall at the casual end of the smart casual scale, but they are dark enough that they still work well with a smart outfit.

Price: $30 $10

Limited Editions Navy Chinos


100% cotton and featuring buttoning side tabs, for $40 these chinos are a good buy; I’ve had mine for about a month now, and the only complaint I have is that the zip gets stuck occasionally. Overall, I definitely recommend them.

Price: $40

The Shirt:

Once again, there are two options here, both by Limited Editions. Both shirts are cotton, with a slightly spread button down collar, and textured fabric or patterns; making them both stylish and quality options for a casual outfit.

Textured White Shirt                                        Navy Grid Shirt



Price: $35 each $10 and $40




The Jacket:

Normally I am wholly against wool/polyester blends, but when you are on a budget, sometimes you don’t have a choice; and honestly, the fit and style of this jacket more than make up for the fabric quality. Enough so that I bought one myself.

Limited Editions Charcoal Jacket


Ignoring the poor buttoning in the picture, this is actually a pretty decent jacket. Sold as a suit jacket, worn without the matching trousers, this jacket works equally well as a more casual sport coat. It pairs equally well with jeans, chinos, or dress trousers.

Price: $119 $89 (trousers are $44)

The Accessories:

Black Belt – $19

A311373 Because you need something to hold up your pants.

Pocket Square/handkerchief – $6

A655757Because there are so many uses, and you need something to stuff into your breast pocket.

Total Cost: $314 $250

Total Outfit Combinations: 8


Suit Construction: Jacket Pockets

Welt Pocket

Welt pocketJetted Pocket

Also known as a Jetted or Besom pocket, the welt pocket is the most formal. It is the most common type of breast pocket, but as a waist pocket, it is most commonly found on dinner jackets. Waist pockets will have a double welt, while the breast pocket will have a single large welt.





Flap Pocket

Flap Pocket



Found only on the waist pockets, the flap pocket is found all except the dinner jacket. It is constructed similarly to the jetted pocket, except it has an additional flap covering the lower welt. This flap can be tucked into the pocket, adding some versatility to the jacket.




Patch Pocket

Patch Pocket Waist Patch pockets Breast



The most casual pocket, this is formed from a patch of fabric being sewn onto the outside of the jacket. This pocket is typically found on sportcoats and blazers.





Ticket Pocket

Ticket Pocket



This is an additional pocket above the waist pocket used for storing small items, like tickets. It falls above patch pockets in the level of formality.