Just For Fun – Painting My Engine Rocker Cover

I’ve been doing some work on my car lately, fixing it up a bit, making it run better (that’s right, not only can I cook, sew, and dress incredibly well, I can also work on a car), and as everyone knows, red things go faster; so I decided to paint my engine.

20140424_104833 Look at it, a dull, flaking, black/gray; not very fast at all. My original plan was to take the cover off (easy enough, just four nuts and the spark plug cables removes), but that plan was ruined by the fact that it was stuck. I might have been able to pry it off (it was really stuck on there), but that would have completely ruined the gasket, and I don’t want to have to buy a new one. Enter Plan B.






Plan B involved a whole lot of tape and newspaper, and means that I couldn’t get the back, and there is a cable across the top, but I could work around it. I degreased, sanded, and washed the top, and gave it a couple of coats of primer. After the primer, it was a couple of coats of red paint, and I filed back the logo to make it silver again.






In addition to looking a lot better, the paint adds at least 35 Horsepower, and lowers my fuel consumption. If you do want to paint your engine, or most metal parts of the car that get hot, make sure that you use a high temperature paint.


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