Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Dress Well; and Why They Are Wrong

I hear a lot of excuses from men on why they don’t want to dress better, and while some of them do have legitimate problems, most of them are just that: Excuses. Here is my rant on the top five that I have heard and why I think they are completely ridiculous.

1. I can’t afford it.

Really? I find that kind of hard to believe; especially if you are the sort of person who considers that $5 cup of coffee every morning a basic necessity. The first T.M. Lewin shirt that I ever bought was a plain white cotton with a spread collar and French cuffs, and it fit me perfectly; it was my favourite shirt and I used it until it literally started to fall apart at the seams. It cost me $4 at a Salvation Army store. I bought my favorite pair of jeans for $20 from the clearance rack at Target. Dressing well is not reliant on spending hundreds of dollars for a single shirt, and when you tell me that you don’t want to dress better because it’s too expensive, all I hear is “I don’t want to put in the effort to look for good, budget, clothing”.

2. It is too difficult to get dressed/I just want something that is easy to wear.

The other day I had a random urge to leave the house and do some shopping; but I didn’t want to do it in my casual relaxing clothes (jeans and polo), so I had to get changed. My typical going out attire consists of trousers, a dress shirt, a jacket, typically my brown oxfords, and a pocket square. From the moment I started to get changed to the moment I was out the front door, less than 5 minutes had passed. In the grand scheme of things, the time it took me was negligible, and the benefits of looking good far outweighed the time it took. So long as you are prepared, being well dressed takes insignificantly more time than being poorly dressed, and the benefits are exponentially greater. Complaining that you don’t have the time to dress well tells me that you either have horrible time management skills, or you are just incredibly lazy.

3. Who cares how I dress?

Your parents? Your girlfriend/boyfriend? Your boss? Your co-workers? How about the woman at the other end of the bar that you have been subtly glancing at for the last 20 minutes trying to work up the courage to go and talk to? The client you are trying to convince? The person interviewing you for a job? What about the person you are trying to convince to give you a small business loan?

You say that you don’t care about what other people think of you? That’s fine, but don’t be surprised when you find yourself being passed over for your better dressed contemporaries.

4. Nobody else does

Does the name George Clooney ring a bell? How about Ryan Gosling? Justin Timberlake? Daniel Craig? What about Sean Combs a.k.a P.Diddy? Do any of these names sound familiar? They should, because is addition to being rich, famous, and really really really ridiculously good-looking, they are also incredibly stylish dressers.

So what you are really saying is that nobody that you know dresses well; and all the better for you, because it will put you ahead of the pack.

5. It’s just not who I am

You’re not the sort of person who respects himself? You’re not the sort of person who respects his family? His coworkers? His boss? Every time you leave the house you are representing not just yourself, but your parents, your children, your spouse, your coworkers, your business, and anyone or anything else associated with you. Saying that dressing well is just not a part of who you are is like saying that you are happy striving towards mediocrity; it’s like saying that you don’t give want to people to respect you; it’s saying that you don’t have pride in yourself. So, if you’re the sort of person who is happy being completely average and not well-respected, them maybe dressing well isn’t for you; but if you are the sort of person who takes pride in themselves and their appearance, the kind of person who, every day, strives to be better than they were the day before, then you are the sort of person who most definitely should be dressing well.


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