American Crew Pomade vs. Pete & Pedro Pomade

Today is a comparison review between two products: American Crew Pomade, and Pete & Pedro Pomade. American Crew is the brand of products reportedly used on the set of Mad Men to achieve their perfectly sculpted classic hairstyles. Pete & Pedro is the creation of Aaron Marino (the man who initially inspired me to become an Image Consultant), and his stylist, Stephen Posta (owner/stylist at Dyer & Posta). Also, their mascot is a donkey.

American Crew Pomade


Cost: ~$20 + Postage

Hold: It is marketed as medium-hold, and that is what it provides.

Shine: So long as your hair is damp the pomade provides a decent shine. If your hair is too dry, then the shine is rather lacking.

Consistency: The pomade has the consistency of thick waxy gel.

Review: I have used the pomade for the last month, and I am very happy with it. It provides enough hold for my hair, and enough shine when my hair is damp. My tub cost me $22, so in terms of price it isn’t too extravagant for what it does. It has a pleasant citrusy clean aroma, and easily washes out with water. I’ve used it for a month, so it has faced virtually every day-to-day activity that I have thrown it up against, and more often than not, it comes out on top. Is it a good product? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes, I would, but I would also recommend shopping around to find it as cheap as possible.

Pete & Pedro Pomade


Cost: $19(US) + Postage

Hold: Marketed as high hold (the picture says medium, but the actual container and website say high), and high hold it provides.

Shine: Also marketed as high shine, it does a good job of doing what it says on the label.

Consistency: It has the consistency of very thick glue.

Review: I want to start by saying that I have very thoroughly tested this product for slightly over of a day and a half. I was honestly a little intimidated by the prospect of it at first; I wasn’t sure if I could handle having bueno hair (more so than usual anyway), but I think I did a good job. The pomade stood up to all the tasks I would expect it to (working in the garden, sitting in front of a computer, going to the gym, wrestling crocodiles, saving infants from burning buildings, etc), and is also water-soluble, and swashes out without difficulty. As a matter of fact, there are only two downsides that I can find; the price, and the size. $19US per tub is about what I would expect, but the international postage is another $15US, so it cost me $36AUD; and the tubs are only 57g (2oz), compared to the 85g (3oz) of the American Crew. Domestic shipping is only $5US, with free domestic shipping for orders over $50

Fortunately P&P have the super secret Bueno Hair Club which, for international customers, sends out three tubs of the product you choose (there are a few), every three months for $60; meaning they only cost $20 per tub.

As far as smell goes, the pomade smells like mint, with a hint of “dude the stuff smells GREAT!”. But mostly just mint. Also, P&P products are Paraben free, and the containers are made from 100% recycled plastic. In fact, the only real insurmountable complaint I have about it is that there isn’t enough of it.

So, does P&P Pomade stand up to the promise of Bueno Hair? Yes. Should you buy it? Yes, but especially if you live in the US, or if you are going to use enough to need three tubs every three months (or if you want to stockpile it).


In the categories of hold, shine, and smell; the winner is Pete & Pedro. The hold is definitely stronger than American Crew, and the shine is better too. I like the smell of both, but P&P is my personal favourite of the two. In terms of consistency, I think I prefer the American Crew, but no so much that it makes a large difference to me. As far as price goes, without postage they are similar enough, but with postage the American Crew wins hands down. However, P&P also have the option of the Bueno Hair Club, which drastically reduces the cost if you will be using that much product. P&P is also the more environmentally and hair friendly of the two, with no parabens, loads of essential oils, and containers made from recycled plastic. I’m on a budget, so I am going to save P&P for special occasions (Weddings, Parties, Monday, Thursday-Sunday, etc), and use American Crew for lesser events and as a base product for comparisons. I will also try to get a hold of more of the P&P range (particularly the cream, shampoo, and conditioner)  to try when I have some more disposable income.

In conclusion, both are good products, but only Pete & Pedro gives you Bueno Hair!

Here is a link to the Pete & Pedro website; I highly recommend you go and check them out.


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