Shoe Review – Brown Oxfords from Charles Tyrwhitt

I don’t get down to Brisbane as much as I would like, so I can’t say much for the stores down there. but if you only experience with shoe stores was on the Sunshine Coast, you would think that the only colour of leather made is black. On the incredibly rare chance that you find a brown shoe (or burgundy, for that matter), then the poor quality alone is enough to turn you away (at least, it should be).

So, after my good experience with the last pair of shoes I bought from Charles Tyrwhitt (see the article here), I decided that the next pair of shoes I bought would be from them. Last week I had some extra cash, so I decided ‘what the heck?’, and bought myself a pair of brown oxfords.

The Shoes

Brown Oxfords from Charles Tyrwhitt


Image via Charles Tyrwhitt

The Details

  • 100% luxury calf leather upper
  • Goodyear welted providing unrivalled strength, durability and ventilation
  • Traditional leather sole with durable shock absorbing rubber heel
  • Improved insock with extra padding for comfort and added arch support
  • Breathable leather lining
  • Classic essential shoes for everyday work wear

The Price

The price is $199, but with my discount code (~$30 off), and the express shipping ($25 because I am impatient), they cost me $195.

The Material

The upper is 100% calf leather, which is softer and more flexible than the leather in the semi-brogues I bought last, which was very stiff and a little plasticky. The sole is leather, with a rubber heel. The softer leather is nice, and overall I am quite happy with the material and build quality.

The Fit

I take a wide shoe, which is another reason I don’t like shopping in stores around me; they don’t typically stock  shoes in my size. I was very happy with the last shoes I bought from Tyrwhitt, size wise, and these, while the same size on the label, are definitely a slimmer fit. They fit very firmly, and while not uncomfortable, if I could do it over, I would probably buy a half-size larger. They are not so bad that it would be worth it for me to exchange them.


I paid for express delivery, so the postage time was excellent, and I am very happy with the price, especially since it is always likely that I will have a discount code; I can definitely recommend these shoes, just keep in mind that they are pretty slim.

The Pictures

Shoe Box 2

Shoe Box 1

Shoes Front 2 Shoe Back 1

Shoes Side 2 Shoes Side 1


2 thoughts on “Shoe Review – Brown Oxfords from Charles Tyrwhitt

  1. Hi there, I have been looking at these shoes but am not too sure about the colour. I am thinking of wearing them with a navy suit… thoughts?

    • Simon

      I definately recommend them, and they look great with a navy suit, which is how I usually wear them. They also look good with a charcoal suit. If you are considering buying them, keep in mind that they are reasonably slim fitting; Charles Tyrwhitt have a pretty good returns policy, so if you need to, I would consider buying them half a size larger than usual to ensure a good fit, unless you have the opportunity to try them on first.

      Best of luck,

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