Classic – Slim – Tailored

If I could only give you one piece of advice, one tip that would exponentially improve your appearance, then it would be this: wear clothing that fits. The fit of your clothing is more important that the quality, more important than the style, and more important than the price tag. Nine times out of ten, the $200 well tailored suit will look far better than the $2000 suit that doesn’t fit you properly. However, not all of us can afford for all our clothing to be tailor made for us; some of us have to buy off the rack clothing, and want to spend as little as possible on alterations. So, for this article on clothing fit. I’m going to explain the three types: Classic, Slim, and Tailored. Every shirt, suit, or pair of trousers falls into one of these categories, and it’s important to know which suits you best.So while this article is specifically for shirts, the general principle in the same across the board. With that in mind, please direct your attention to this image of a spectacularly well drawn shirt.

Shirt Fit

Classic Fit: The classic fit is the largest. It is typically a very square cut, with straight sides, and       full arms. It will usually have pleats in the back, and will generally have a great deal of excess fabric. Unless you have a particularly large build, I do not recommend the classic fit.

Slim fit: Is slimmer in the body than the classic fit, but not as slim as the tailored fit. It will also have a shorter tail than the classic fit, and will usually have darts in the back, although this varies between brands. The shorter tail can be an issue, but I have eliminated this issue by discovering the secret to keeping my shirt tucked in no matter what (more on this later). I have found that a vast majority of people who think they need classic fit shirts can wear a slim fit quite well, depending on their body shape, and the shirt.

Tailored Fit: Is basically the slim fit taken to the extreme. It will be even slimmer in the sides and arms, have a shorter tail, and most often will have darts in the back. If you have the body for it, wear it.

Off the rack dress shirts are sized by your neck and sleeve measurements (if the shirts are listed as Large, Medium, or Small, then leave the store immediately), so while these measurements should stay true between brands, the exact fit will vary. A slim fit in one brand will most likely not be the same as a slim fit in another brand. Some brands also reverse the slim and tailored fit, with slim fit being the smallest. The way I have listed it out above is the most common, but the alternative does happen, so keep that in mind.


I will end it here by saying that if you have any questions, or topics that you would like me to cover (either as an article or video), then please leave a comment below.


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