Personal Styling – A True Story

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you tired of wearing the same boring things, day in, day out? Do you want to upgrade your style, but have no clue where to start? Does this sound like the script to an infomercial?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then a Personal Style consultation is for you. During a personal style session, I will sit down with you, and discuss what you are trying to accomplish (do you want to upgrade your work style, or are you just looking to fix up your weekend wear?), your budget, your personal preferences (do you prefer slim cut clothes, or are you on the more conservative side). Then, I will give you an evaluation of your body type, help you figure out what colours and proportions look good on you, and, if you are like most men, at some point I will most likely tell you to stand up straight.

Usually, but not necessarily, at some point after a personal style session, we will go shopping, so that I can personally help you pick out new clothing; because, lets face it, most men need the help. This is where the true story starts.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was out shopping with my brother, and the conversation eventually turned to appearance. I think we were discussing his new Jean shorts (don’t wear jean shorts), and he said something along the lines of how I have never helped him buy clothes. He had a point, he listens to my style impaired sister too much, so I often criticized his purchases, but I have never really helped him. So, given that we were out anyway, I told him to go to Target, and I would help him get some clothes.

He’s just turned 18, and he is very casual, but wants to dress better. I am slowly (very slowly) breaking him of his habit of wearing singlets, board shorts, and flip-flops outside of the beach; and getting him to dress like a grown up. We walked in to the store, and after I stopped to pick up some new polo shirts, I found him with a pair of dark jeans from the clearance rack. I thought they were perfect for him, so we went to find some shirts. I got him to try the clothes on, and after a few tries, we settled on two shirts in the same style, but different colours; both look excellent on him. One in a red, and one in a dark green. The red definitely looks better on him, but we left the store with both, plus the jeans, which he desperately needed. His only other jeans were green, or red; both of which I dislike very much.

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We only spent $60 at Target, $25 each for the shirts, and $10 for the jeans, and now he looks like a respectable member of society; rather than looking like he just walked off the beach. Not bad for half an hour of work, if I do say so myself.

If that is what I can do for my brother on a whim, just imagine what I could do if I was being paid.