Personal Style Consultation

A one-on-one meeting to determine your style needs and what (if any) future sessions that you may require. This can last anywhere from 15 minutes, to an hour and a half.

Price: $20 per session

Booking: See Below

Wardrobe Evaluation

  • Wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?
  • Are all your clothes either too big or too small?
  • Does your only suit look like something from the 70’s

Statistics show that, on average, a person wears 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time. That means most of your wardrobe is going to waste. The purpose of a wardrobe evaluation is for me to help you streamline your wardrobe, make the most out of the clothing you have, and recommend items for you to buy. I will:

  • Help you clear out old clothing
  • Evaluate your current styling options
  • Teach you how to best use your current wardrobe
  • Give purchasing advice

This session is usually (but not always) taken before a personal shopping session.

Price: $40 per session

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Personal Shopping

Do you:

  • Hate shopping
  • Never know what to buy
  • Not know how to get good value for money
  • Not know how to buy quality products

If any of this describes you, then a personal shopping session is the perfect solution. I will walk you through the process of purchasing clothing that:

  • Fits properly
  • Looks Good
  • Is good quality
  • Is good value for money

All while sticking to your budget requirements, whatever they may be. Ultimately, I will teach you to buy clothing that will be versatile, economical, and complement your personal style.

Price: $60 per hour

Booking: See Below

Special Event Styling

Not sure how to decipher the dress code on that wedding invitation? Or are you just not sure about what to wear to that upcoming job interview?

A Special Event Styling session will cover everything you need to know to look your best for any special event, including: job interviews, weddings, office parties, networking events, race days, and anything else that you may need help with.

Price: $40 per session

Booking: See Below

Personal Grooming

During a personal grooming session I will teach you about:

  • Using different deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Using cologne and aftershave
  • Proper shaving techniques and products
  • Various grooming products (Cleanser, moisturizer, etc)

Price: $30 per session 

Booking: See Below

Booking: If you would like to book a session, or if you just have any questions, I can be contacted by the following methods:

Payments can be made in cash, cheque, credit card (through PayPal only), and through your PayPal account.

Shane Gibbings-Johns