New Shirts – Charles Tyrwhitt

I recently decided that I need more shirts, and, because I’m not made of money, I decided to go with what is quickly becoming my favourite company – Charles Tyrwhitt. Now, C.T have a somewhat mixed rep online, but I like them; their shirts are excellent for the price, with the lower end ones costing about $35 on sale, and I quite like their suits (all their suits have working buttons on the cuff, more on this later), and I’m saving for another pair of their shoes. Certainly, if money was no issue, I would probably shop somewhere else, but their price to quality ratio is excellent, and certainly better than anything within 100km of where I live. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the review.

I bought two shirts in this batch, and as most of my other shirts are either solid or striped, I decided to go with checks, which I quite like.

The one on the right is the Lilac and Blue Check Slim Fit Shirt, and the one on the left is the Sky Textured Check Slim Fit Shirt.



As far as quality goes, the shirts are quite solid, certainly not the best in the world, but for what amounts to about $40 each, they are quite good, and better than anything you will find on the Sunshine Coast for a similar price, or even twice the price. Both shirts have double cuffs (as do all my shirts), split yokes, classic collars, are 100% cotton, and come with brass collar stays; another thing I like about Charles Tyrwhitt is that all their shirts come with complimentary brass collar stays, unlike some companies who only give out plastic ones. The buttons are plastic, which is to be expected for the price, and I will most likely replace them with Mother of Pearl at some point, and the collars are fused, which I prefer to non-fused, for the crisper look. Their shirts (at least the ones I have seen) don’t have gauntlet buttons, which isn’t a bad thing, so long as your sleeves are the proper length, and don’t bunch up and open the gauntlet; you don’t want the sleeve to open and show your arm. The sleeves are a good length on me, so I don’t think I will need to have them altered, or a gauntlet button added. I also rarely wear a shirt without a jacket, so accidentally showing part of my arm is never an issue.


The patterns don’t quite line up on the front, but I’m not too concerned


The slim fit shirts fit me quite nicely, but are considered quite generous by most. There are no darts in the shirt, which you will find in the extra slim fit, and there are two pleats in the back. I think the fit is comparable to my T.M Lewin slim fit shirts that have had the darts removed. If you are reasonably fit or skinny, the extra slim fit will probably fit you better, but when in doubt, they do have a size guide on the website.

To sum up, Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are good, solid shirts, and well worth the price, especially if you buy them on sale. Overall, I will give these particular shirts a 4/5 for price, and 4/5 for quality. There are some minor issues, but nothing I am particularly concerned with, and I would definitely recommend Charles Tyrwhitt shirts to anyone looking for a good solid quality shirt for a reasonable price. 



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